Contacting 2Konnect

All communication needs to come through one of the following channels…

Mailing Address: 2279 N University Pkwy | Suite 127 | Provo | UT | 84604

Contact Phone: 801-820-8080

Customer Service Email:

Any communication to personal cell phones, personal email addresses, will not be dealt with. For communication requests to be handled in a timely, efficient manner, follow these instructions.

Communication for Customer Service related issues should be sent by email to
a. This will help us better direct the request to the best person that can assist in resolving your request.
b. Texts, Voice Mail Messages that go to other areas will need to be transcribed and put in an email format and sent to Customer Service. Do yourself a favor and send it to the correct place, in the correct format and the process will be more efficient for everyone involved, conserving valuable time and resources.
c. Leave a range of contact times that someone and your preferred method of contact (phone number / email), someone will get back to you as they are available to do so.